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​How to properly start selling online locally

 ​How to properly start selling online locally

 Selling via the Internet

 There is a point that is either absent from some business owners, or it is difficult for those who intend to go through this experience due to the lack of sufficient experience (and here is the problem as it was difficult before research and experiment), which is the point of being online.  Perhaps your project is an office to provide services or a store that sells some things or anything else that has a presence on the ground (offline), but you neglect an important aspect, which is the virtual presence…

  Who among us does not use the Internet today?  Imagine with me the size of the audience that you can attract from anywhere!  The same is true for the novice entrepreneur whose project idea depends entirely or partially on the Internet… but his idea is not feasible due to his insufficient experience on the Internet and also the lack of financial resources to entrust this matter to specialists.

  • How do you provide your products or services on the Internet

 The starting point for any new business project on the Internet, of course, will be nothing but a “website / online store” to be present through search engines and virtual social networks. Today, anyone can start his website with very little expense, and indeed it happens that hundreds or even perhaps hundreds of thousands of websites are launched every hour and every minute on the World Wide Web.

 But success is not just in launching a website, but in continuity and in the value of what you will provide to users around you. Your project may be an idea for a site to sell products, i.e. what has become known as e-stores, or perhaps you have a service and you want to market it online to a larger segment of potential customers, or  The goal of your site may be to promote your already existing company.

 After you set that goal (selling a product or service) that you will offer to benefit people, of course, and it will be ready as a real project, the implementation journey will begin, which will not be difficult at all, as many believe, all you need now is to focus and eliminate the sources of nuisance in your home or room at least because  Your success in implementing this project may change your whole life and possibly the lives of many around you as well.

 And don't forget to try to offer something useful, valuable and quality.  My goal in presenting this course to you is that you and I can benefit from the advancement in this field and keep pace with the developments taking place, with my desire to work on making what you offer useful, of course, to your customers, to ensure your survival and continuity.

  •  How to create your first website or online store

 To start creating your first website, which will make it easier for you to be online 24 hours a day, there are several factors that you will know that it is easier than many think .. including what you will learn in this article, in which we will discuss some of the things that you must understand before launching your website.

 The first step, which I consider one of the important things that must be available on your site, is to implement the sales plan successfully, and you must make sure that it works well.  These matters are as follows:

  Your website speed and hosting power

 You should be keen to make your site speed better as it bears a large number of visits at one time and so that it remains strong no matter how many visitors (potential customers) increase, and if you use FastComet or Bluehost hosting, you do not need to worry because they are of high quality according to my experience, add to that  A large number of famous sites use it (especially Bluehost) as hosting for their sites, as it bears many visits at one time, according to the subscription plan you work with...

  And do not forget the technical support provided by the mentioned hosting companies, every time I correspond with them, my conversation will start a few minutes after I contact them.  But if another platform is very cheap, I advise you to think about it well before you create your site on it, because the speed of your site and the strength of its hosting play a big role in the comfort of your customer while browsing.

 Make sure that the website works well with the mobile

 You must make sure of this feature before marketing your site to facilitate the process of requesting the service or product for the customer because the percentage of browsing sites today on mobile is more than on the computer.

  Test the complete ordering process on your site before starting to market it

 You should, first of all, make sure that the process of executing the service request or purchasing the product is working well and that the settings are fine, and I advise you to fully experiment with that until the process of completing the request, and if you are going to approve the payment by bank card or Paypal, this stage is very important, but in  If you are going to accept payment on delivery as is known, all you have to do is make sure of the necessary steps to complete the process of filling out the order form...

  Then you communicate with your customer through the means of communication that you will request from him in advance (either the phone number, WhatsApp, or e-mail ...), all of these things must be confirmed before starting the advertising and marketing campaigns for your site, as it is possible that after advertising campaigns you will find difficulty  In executing the order if you do not test the purchase process successfully, but if you use woo commerce, you will not find any difficulty in these matters.

Make sure that all products or services on your site have a complete and attractive description

 One of the best forms of description for any product or service... The description contains a video or an illustration that is of high quality and a strong and clear title with a larger and more detailed explanation of the benefits of the product to encourage customers to buy the product... But if the description is little, the customer will not be convinced of the product.

 Note: Do not focus the entire description on the product itself, because the customer "does not buy because you sell to him, but because he needs."  Think about it as you write a description of your product or service.

The general appearance of the site should be attractive and professional

 Of course, the look of your website must be attractive and professional... This is a very important thing to gain part of the customer's trust and respect for your site.  It means that you have some simple factors, for example, that your site has a professional logo designed by a professional designer, which gives your site additional professionalism and confidence.

  Your site should have some explanatory banners (Banners), which is better to be designed by professionals if you want your business to be professional, but this is not a requirement if you have modest experience in design to strive for that, and you may need a professional designer  It doesn't cost you much to make attractive things and show the special offers available on your site.

 The subject of colors is also very important in the general appearance of the website... Care must be taken to ensure that the colors are consistent with each other so that they encourage the customer to buy and give your site special professionalism and elegance.

 From this point of view, local business marketing has become one of the necessities of life in our society today. We should not only care about the few dozen people who may buy from us offline and with great effort... We should not lose sight of the hundreds and thousands of users who connect to the Internet daily throughout your country.  

where we can take advantage of this opportunity and turn the Internet into an open market with a diverse audience to promote various goods and services in your city or country and achieve high profitability, so marketing local business via the Internet is one of the most important and latest methods of sales that have a significant impact on increasing profits and opening new markets for companies  Without much effort.. at the lowest costs.. and as quickly as possible.