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How to market your products and services online and multiply your profits 10 times

How to market your products and services online and multiply your profits 10 times

Perhaps you have a very wonderful product that you can sell and earn respectable profits, or perhaps you have a distinguished service such as home cleaning services, delivery services, car wash services, pest control, or whatever type of service… but the lack of demand for that product or that service may be an obstacle to multiplying  Your profits to develop your project... 

The strange thing is that people are still looking for a strategic place on the ground to get more customers (tens or hundreds at most) and forget that the opportunity and strategic location today is a website.. “website” is characterized by the possibility of obtaining tens and hundreds,  Rather, thousands of customers as you can, and more than that, it stays open 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day.

 Believe me. I marketed my products through the Internet without even having a store, and I was not limited to my city only but targeted all residents of the country (with age and gender)

 Why Internet Marketing?

 Marketing products or services over the Internet provides many advantages, and one of its most prominent advantages is that it reaches various sites and social networks, and through various methods of conversations and chats such as messenger, WhatsApp, and e-mail, and provides convenience to the buyer where he can order from anywhere, and search in wider options, and therefore has become  Electronic marketing at present is the basis through which the marketing of products and services that help in meeting and satisfying the needs of the consumer.

 How are products and services marketed online?

 If you are interested in knowing how to market products through the Internet, then one of the things that you should take care of first before starting the marketing process, and I hope to make it a basis for building and developing your business, the foundation is everything ..

 the first of which is customer service, by communicating with you respectfully  Appreciating and providing a product or service of high quality, as whoever intends to buy something from the Internet is in his intention that what he will buy is distinct from what is available in the market and the traditional shop, and try to be interested in introducing the product or service that will be provided to customers through a description that explains how to use  The product and its features, but you must be honest in what you write. 

 Another thing that you should prepare for is after criticism from time to time, because “satisfying one is an unattainable goal.” But be sure that the more you offer a product or service in which quality is respected, the less criticism there is.  It is the view of the buyer and not the seller. Present your product/service to yourself and see whether you are convinced of it or not. Put yourself in the place of your visitor and see whether the words you like or not.. Look for defects and try to avoid or modify them and learn from them.

 One of the most important things that you should consider when reviewing the description of your product or service is the factor of trust and credibility.

  •  Did you find it fulfilled in your message to the customer?  
  • Did you find yourself believing that person (you) who wants to sell you his commodity?  
  • And are you now willing to pay part of your money to get his product?  
  • Are you confident that you will get your money back if there is a problem with the product? 
  •  Is there anyone else who bought the product before you and has good opinions about it?

 One of the basic factors for selling your product easily and conveniently on the Internet is the “trust factor”, that is, to gain your customer’s trust in you and to make him believe you.  Selling will be easy without a very high level of credibility and trust between the two parties (seller and buyer)

 The issue of trust, and how is the process of selling online successfully.

 One of the most important reasons that help you to gain your customer's confidence and credibility in you and make him make the purchase decision with ease are:

 Introducing your project

 Having a clear and visual identification of yourself, your site, or your company to your customers, explain to them who you are (personally or about the company and the service) easily, simply, and simply.

 Explain to them the location of your business or service and how they can communicate with you.

 Customer Reviews

 Put the opinions of customers who bought from you before to increase confidence more and reassure the customer, but those opinions must be honest and not just fake words that were composed. You can do this through your page on Facebook or by having a place for comments on your product page … and if  No one has bought from you yet, so you can offer your product for free or at a very low price to the first 10 customers who buy from you, for example.. in exchange for asking them to put their opinions on your product as long as you trust its quality, and make sure that these customers if they are satisfied with your product, will be there In and of themselves an awesome marketing tool for you.

 payment methods

 Provide your customers with more than one way to pay you and do not provide your customer with the means of payment through the bank only, to send money to your bank account without any guarantee on your part to make sure that you will send him the same product that he requested and with the same specifications because all he has seen so far are just pictures and written words  On your site.

 Rather, provide it, for example, with another way to guarantee their rights to both parties (you and the buyer) through another intermediary party, for example, PayPal, which guarantees both parties their rights, or a reliable delivery company in your country that adopts payment technology on delivery.


 Provide a way for your customers to communicate with those who wish to inquire about the product before the purchase process. For any sale that takes place, the customer has the right to ask about the product/service, its specifications, and features, to make sure of some things on his mind.  Customers, for sure because they will not gain confidence in you unless you ask and respond to them and have a discussion with you.

 Gifts and offers

 Also, one of the important things in the process of selling and marketing products online is not to always make the product in return. But from time to time try to support your sales with gifts. 

Believe me, it will increase your customers and not lose the products that you provided for free as many thinks, but if you do well marketing gifts.  I have a thought from time to time to offer a part of your product for free (but not randomly, but with a prior study).

 Avoid error

 It is very important to make sure that there are no lapses or linguistic errors while reviewing the product and describing it in its sales letter. Try to be professional in your presentation of your product, use attractive language without exaggerating the features of your product, and be honest in what you say. 

 Follow the approach of simplicity and attractiveness in presentation and presentation, and make your sales message in brief points, each point in which you address a question expected of your customer..and do not make it words piled behind each other so that the customer does not get bored of reading and get lost from you.


 Which I should have originally addressed within the first points, but I liked to conclude with it, and its conclusion is musk so that you always remember that professionalism is a sign of success... Support your description of the product with pictures and videos, and if you can record a professional video explaining your product, this would be much better.

 So those were some simple ideas as a good start in marketing your product or service, and if you have any other addition that you think makes your marketing plan better, we will be happy if you share them in the comments below for everyone to benefit. We are here on albadr it We learn from each other and add to each other's experiences.