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How Maximizing Traffic to Your Network

 How Maximizing Traffic to Your Network 

 One of the biggest mistakes network marketers make regarding their WordPress websites (blogs), is that they are spending too much time stressing over them. While creating a quality site with frequently updated content is the goal, it is not the cause for worry; rather, the dilemma is that you do not want to collect names and then not follow up with them. 

You've got the information of visitors to your site, but that information is meaningless on its own. If you don't have a follow-up plan in place, you are wasting your time, and the time of your visitors, by collecting their information, and then not doing anything with it. 

A primary reason for creating and maintaining your network marketing blog is to get exposure and communicate with your followers and establish a relationship with them. If you attempt to make a sale on the spot you are making a big mistake.

 You must first build a relationship, with little or no mention of the products or services being offered. You cannot accomplish this by immediately foisting the business opportunity on them. 

Also, as was mentioned previously, you cannot build a relationship with someone if you never follow up with them. Here are some tips to maximize the traffic to your network marketing blog. 

First: automate your system to keep in touch regularly with your contacts. Some autoresponders are extremely helpful with this. 

Second: produce a 7-contact follow-up program. Sending out just one e-mail, one pamphlet or one postcard won't change your contacts into customers; commit to making contact at least seven times.

 Third: produce a series of communication tools. Make a series of emails that you will send out once a week thru autoresponders.

 Your emails should have a common element, such as your company's logo, or if your emails are written as a series, you can briefly mention the preceding email.

 Otherwise, each email should be unique; quote new benefits of your product or service every time. Make a point to emphasize how what you offer with solving your reader's problems. 

Fourth: send out greeting cards for special occasions, birthdays, etc. Or, even if there is no special occasion, just send a card to say hello, Individuals value personal attention. 

Fifth: build personal networks. After you have sent out several emails or cards, don't hesitate to get in touch with your contacts, to determine if they received your emails or cards.

 Do not contact them to ask them if they're ready to buy; instead, inquire how you can assist them. Remember you're still establishing the relationship. 

Using these simple, yet effective, strategies, you will be able to forge relationships and maximize your blog traffic and turn contacts into paying clients, instead of chasing them at networking events with no result. 

If you are the type of blogger who blogs frequently but does not get the final result that you are anticipating; or if you do not have a follow-up plan in place; take some time and create a plan to carry out these techniques, for the sake of having a successful blog.