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2 Unusual Ways to Make Money Online

  • There are many different ways that you can make money online.
  • There are more typical methods like writing content, articles, or e-books, creating videos, selling stock photos, or carrying out web design-related tasks.
  • There are those ‘get rich schemes’ that you should avoid.
  • And then there are some more unusual ways to make money online. We’ll look at two different ways.

Making predictions you have a talent for making accurate predictions this might be exactly what you need. Can you forecast election results

Are you good at predicting the direction gold prices will go?

Then you might want to check out the predictive sites where you can earn money predicting the rise/fall of financial assets. You can make your purchases at binary options brokers.

Intrade is another website where prediction-making happens, but with a twist.

You can predict hundreds of events like Academy Award winners, presidential election results, etc. 

You buy shares if you think an event will occur or sell shares if you think it will not occur.

If your prediction is accurate you make money. If you are wrong, then you will lose money.

This type of money-making opportunity requires a bit of a ‘risk’ personality where you aren’t too worried about your betting and the losses that can occur.

You can quickly lose a lot of money. Of course, you can quickly win a lot of money too.

Take Online Surveys
There is certainly no shortage of online survey sites and you can give your opinions while earning money.

You can find a job by visiting sites like or You earn points and rewards for taking a wide range of opinion surveys. is another site that pays you for being part of a mock jury online. You are paid $5 to $10 for every verdict.

The attorney prepares his/her case submission. This is made up of facts from each party’s perspective.

EJury converts the attorney’s submission into an online format and then posts it to a secure website location where only Ejurors have access.

They review the facts of the case, provide answers to the questions, hit the ‘submit verdict’ button when done, and get paid.

These methods will make you some extra spending money, but they won’t make you rich. However, not everyone that wants to make money online is ready to quit their day job.

These are two great ways to make some extra dollars.